Whatever you write, an edit or proofread will make it better.
Small businesses. Big businesses. Teachers and academics. Artists and lyricists. Self publishers and traditional authors.
Editing for academics
Plan dissertations. Perfect thesis statements. Prepare research-grant pitches. Proofread essays. Language guidance edit for ESL students.
Editing for ecommerce
Wow listings. Shop personality. Converting newsletters. Killer calls to action. Nail your emails. Refine customer journey. Load your baskets. Sell more stuff.
Editing for the arts
Edit lyrics. Find the rhythm of words. Rethink character. Create performance programme. Creative emails. Paint your picture without 1000 words.
Pick my language-teacher brain
Perfect worksheets. Accurate test papers. Inspiring examples. All that grammary stuff from your teacher in your pocket!

Editing, proofreading and writing services

What do I edit, proofread or write?


Everything, really. I'm a generalist specialist or a generalist specialist.

From subediting guidebooks for international journalists to editing an erotic-novel or writing as a 60-year-old Palestinian man,

from proofreading 500 content-marketing articles a month to crafting English-to-English translations for the ski-tourist industry

from writing new life into jewellery courses to editing rock lyrics

... life as a proofreader, copy editor and copy writer is rarely dull.   

Whether you're in business or education, need lyrics and poetry edited, a script or content-marketing blog proofread or written, email checked for accuracy and clarity or a wedding speech tweaked to sound more like you, I can help. 

Not sure if you need an edit or proofread?

Get in touch to work out which service is best for you!