Proofreading | Editing | Content Writing
Proofreading | Editing | Content Writing
Your website | Your words | Your way
Your website | Your words | Your way
Your words represent you. I'll proofread the heck out of your grammar, spelling and punctuation, so they can get out there and do what you want them to do.
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Editing goes deep, deep down into clarity and consistency, organisation and flow. Stand by for ready-to-use content with your strong, credible voice.
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Strut your stuff with well-researched, engaging content. We'll work together to find the best voice for you and your audience, then leave the rest to me.
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Give your business a character they'll never forget. Are you fresh or reassuring? Are you bowler-hat formal to flip-flop breezy? Let's put you into words.
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Your very own, personalised guide of how to keep your voice true. Yes, it's grammar, but it's super-easy to use. Promise.
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Smile-inducing workshops for SMEs, freelancers and sole traders. At the end of the course, you take home professional web content ready to upload to your website, written by you.
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Free Website Copy Audit

Is your website copy working for your business? Send me the URL and I'll tell you three simple writing fixes to make your website work harder


While my name only pops up here and there, my words are very much present
Wings for life world run
Red Bull Media House
National Association of Jewellers
Mail Travel

What People Say About Me

**cue heavy blushing**
Lucy is a great writer and a joy to work with. She consistently meets deadlines and often thinks outside of the box, bringing more to the project than one had originally hoped for. Not only would I hire her again for a freelance job, but I wish I could have her on staff full time.

Alison Bethel McKenzie

International Press Institute

Best ever! It was such a pleasure working with you; you have always been happy and in a good mood, positive and 100% committed even in the difficult times.

Robert Seeger

Social Guy & Public Speaker

It has been a great pleasure working with you and I’d like to thank you for your tireless efforts, your encompassing support and the great work you’ve done for us.

Anita Gerhardter

Wings for Life CEO

Lucy is an excellent partner for projects that require precise English translation and a composition or editing of short and long copies. She is a lot of fun working with, since she pursues the highest quality standard and a strong professional attitude. She accomplishes all tasks quickly, with strong attention to detail and always on time. I can unquestionably recommend Lucy’s services and thank her for a great collaboration within the last years. I'm looking forward to more exciting projects!

Anna Berkl

PR Manager

I just wanted to let you know that the first article I completed with you on 'empirical evidence' has just been accepted by the British Dental Journal! Personally, I don’t know of anyone, especially a non-academic like me, getting their first article accepted with no changes. You have been amazing! You have given me the confidence to start writing more, which will not only continue to improve my writing skills but my expression of meaning.

Deborah Martin

Dentist at University of Nottingham

Hello, I'm Lucy

Put a face to a name
Lucy Cripps

Lucy Cripps

I edit, proofread and write online and offline. Whether my clients use my words daily or weekly, once a month or once a year, they keep coming back.

Copy editor, proofreader and writer

I live in Bristol’s Harbourside, looking out across the water. From here, I edit, proofread, create and write for my family of clients. I’m very much in my happy place.

Under my belt, I have tucked an MA in professional writing from Falmouth University, a BA in English lit and lang (yes, fine, and American studies — it was the 90s) and a PGCE from the University of Nottingham, which lets me teach in secondary schools.

I’ve loaded my toolbox of tricks during five years teaching grammar, writing and editing at Salzburg University (2010 to 2015), a decade of teaching English as a foreign language (2003 to 2013) and 14 years of real-world commercial wordsmithing (since 2005) that has taken me into all kinds of industries.

I’ve done time in everything from construction to shoes, jewellery to travel, extreme sports to airlines, Lithuanian rock lyrics to curry-sauce packaging. And that’s on a quiet day. One of my subedits, Use With Care: A Reporter’s Glossary of Loaded Language in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, a handbook created by the International Press Institute, was discussed by Stephen Colbert on CBS’s The Colbert Report in 2014.


  • Facing down chapter two of the punctuation book: the comma
  • Woo! My first byline at Engadget: Keeping kids organised and on task using tech
  • Contract signed for the four-week online version of my write-your-website workshops
  • Still writing content for Wings for Life World Run — loved watching the race on May 5
  • Breathing new life into voiceover copy for an airline commercial
  • Last week of the Professional Writing Academy’s romance-writing course — what a great cohort!
  • Creating content for my R&D companies, Ignitec in Bristol, DeepImpact in Switzerland
  • Crafting copy for food packaging
  • Getting my daily fix of editing for Engadget’s The Morning After
  • Guiding a dentist in her article writing (yep, she made it into the British Dental Journal)


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