Tone of voice document

Before we start writing, it’s really¬†handy to work out who we’re writing for. A little chat will help me identify who your customer is, then I’ll research the demographic, so we can best appeal to your customer with well-chosen words, topics that will attract their attention and in a voice they feel comfortable with.

The tone of voice document is typically three-ish pages, covering

  • brand overview
  • who is the customer
  • how to appeal to the customer
  • voice matrix
  • words and phrases that will appeal to the customer
  • an overview of voice grammar

Having a tone of voice document means I have a clear idea of what you need, and should anyone else write for you, too, they can slip naturally into your voice.

Have a look at this tone of voice document to get an idea of how one can help your company, then get in touch and we can start pinning down your tone of voice.