This is a lighthearted, highly informative, and practical guide to American punctuation (sorry, Brits!), and I wrote it.

Whether it’s semicolons or exclamation points, you can dive deep into the correct use for each and every punctuation mark. You’ll find plenty of fun (and funny) examples of proper writing while also learning how punctuation has changed throughout history.

Actually, The Comma Goes Here includes:


  • A complete crash course―Keep things simple with chapters that progress from the most basic punctuation (like periods) to more advanced or uncommon punctuation (like brackets).
  • Memorable advice―Never mix your clauses up again thanks to easy-to-remember breakdowns, handy mnemonics, and entertaining sample sentences.
  • Matters of style―Discover a quick reference chart that details the differences between the most common style guides, including the Chicago Manual of Style and Associated Press.

Perfect your punctuation with the help of this comprehensive guidebook.

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