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My mission is to rid the world of pointless words, meandering copy and yawn-inducing content, one page at a time. It's time to wake up and fall back in love with words and writing.

Even though native-speaking web readers' average age is just nine, it doesn't mean writing should insult their intelligence. Write to them as you would speak with them and you're on to a winner.

Web content should be about your voice - whether it's fun or formal - and about learning, sharing and reading for pleasure, whether your audience is B2B, B2C or web surfers.


Do you feel like this when you try to reach your audience, but the words on the page never sound like they did in your head?

SuperCripps is here to save the day.

After a chat about your company and your audience, I'll research and write long- or short-read content that will engage, enlighten and entertain your reader. 

Did you know: the average reading age in the UK is nine. Even Guardian readers have an average reading age of 14. And, sadly, the average US reader has a younger reading age. Then consider how many people read English publications but aren't native speakers of English.

Reckon you have the skills to write for them all?


You've done the research, you've got the words down and you're sort of happy with yourself. But something doesn't  feel quite right. Maybe the words are in slightly the wrong order, or something is missing to really make it do what you want it to do.

Boom. Time to call me.

Editing (shh, this is secret) is my very favourite. 

For me, there is little as satisfying as bossing around paragraphs, sentences or words until they all work together as a team. It's like making Kilner-jar salads hours before the party.



.. is like breathing. When you don't know grammar and punctuation rules, proofreading is a right pain in the proverbial. But when you do, it's quick and easy and makes a vast difference.

Copy goes from error-riddled to clean and clear and under control. With accurate content, you come across as oozing professionalism, and the punters come flying. Miss a capital letter or an apostrophe and you might as well close the shop.

Wonky letters on typewriter

Did you know: The Wall Street Journal looked at how bad grammar turns off online daters and found 96% of women thought correct grammar is important. And Grammarly found that men with just two mistakes on their profile were 14% less likely to get a response.

... And that's in their social life -- imagine what these readers are like in business.