How to give writing a voice

You know how you talk with friends in one way; with your mum in another and with an interviewer or bank manager in a voice you hardly ever use? That's your voice.

It's the words you use, the way you use them and the person you become in that moment.

Years ago, I did an internship for Pearlfisher in London, but before I had that privilege, I had to show I could transition between brand voices in some way. So I wrote a little Twitter conversation (which was then still very new) between two of their brands (at the time), Absolut Vodka and Innocent smoothies ... and I still use that conversation to show how fun it is to play with voice and tone.

If you're trying to work out what your business voice is, maybe try doing something like this.

Your exercise

Get your products or services to talk to each other, or get one of them to talk to a customer. Give them character to make them come alive.

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