A poem about my day, life and business. Enjoy!


In my pjs, with a nice cup of tea

I get to work, just my pc and me


Curtains are drawn and the house is quite quiet

But up in my head, there’s an adjective riot

Of words and ideas

Of emails and blogs

SEO content – a bit of a slog


My business is writing

It’s grammar and words

It’s reading and edits

The sublime to absurd


Red Bull, Lufthansa

Etihad, too

Jewellers and tech geeks

They know what to do


They send me a brief, or a mail quite vague

and my brain conjures up

How to portray

Their sales and ideas — what they want to say


Written and ready, back the words go in

24 hours

… but it’s rarely that slow


Passive and clauses

Punctuation galore

It’s all in my bonce,

Carefully stored


So if you want words to really work hard

Online or offline

I’m in your back yard

Proofreader, copy-writer and copy-editor

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