There’s a new kid on the block and I’d quite like to get to know him.

Writers Are Out

Once upon a time there were writers, then web-copy-writers and SEO experts. They’re living happily ever after somewhere – they’re out, apparently. Information architects are in.

Information Architecture

A riveting conversation with a graphic design friend of mine, Mike Carrick, opened my eyes to this brave new world. He described a cyberworld in which the designer, writer and programmer work as one to produce a website in harmony.

Bliggedy Blog

This sounds like something I want to know a LOT more about, and something I’d hope to use to bring value to my English Pro clients in the coming months in a series of research blogs. The ethereal ‘they’ are always saying that blogs are about information, about informally sharing knowledge while building a readership, a readership in a niche.

Nice Niche

Niches in writing are somewhat flooded, but it seems, on a first quick squizz that there is very little written to help we lowly copy-writers find our way through IA, and I, for one, want to know more. A lot more.

Master of IA?

Initially I’d been planning on writing my master thesis on international punctuation variation (oi – wake up!!), but this sounds like a far more fascinating and ultimately far more useful study.

Although I don’t start officially start studying for my master’s until January, I find myself itching to get started on this. As I read, build an understanding – and hopefully ‘master’ it in the coming months, I shall share choice bits with anyone who wants to read along,

Jump In

If you have any useful titbits you’d like to share jump on in 🙂

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