Have a look at these little beauties from 2009 that help your grammar with a touch of a button/screen! It’s the future!

#1 Grammar 1
Grammar 1 will remind you – or teach you! -all of those parts of speech and areas of grammar that have you flumoxed.

#2 The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms
A comprehensive text that gives students and any literary pundit helpful – even amusing- insights to almost 1,200 confusing literary terms. Let this little number break down those endless glossaries for you.

#3 Wurdle
*Yawn, isn’t waiting around dull? Forget Snake or Tetris and stretch your mind instead:  learn through play – it’s the only way! Identify as many words as possible by connecting letters on a word letter grid in a limited amount of time.

#4 The Hundred Best English Poems
Compiled by Adam Gowans, this eBook contains the text of “The Hundred Best English Poems” published in 1904. According to Gowans these are the best works of British poets from the 16th to 19th centuries.

#5 Perfect Rhyme
OK, you’ll never find a rhyme for month, orange or purple; but that doesn’t mean this little guy can’t give you some far-reaching possibilities from the database of over 130,000 entries including common acronyms, names and plural forms.

#6 VocabDaily
Easily the most popular word-of-the-day app in the shop – why not hop of the bandwagon and increase your vocabulary with the crowd? Offers a special little bookmark feature and a very intuitive interface.

#7 Official Shakespeare Audio Insulter

“Thou puny, weather-bitten, mammet!” They’re all out there in cyber-world, drag them kicking and screaming onto your iPhone. Touch the picture of The Bard and he will dish out his most creative words of abuse. iPod touch owners will need a pair of headphones to hear Shakespeare’s slams.

#8 Grammar Up

With over 1,800 questions, this is the complete solution for learning or brushing up on English grammar. Don’t let an app beat you – you can win, you know you can!

#9 Pocket Quiz: Classics of World Literature
If you fancy showing off your marvellous knowledge – or even compete against your colleagues or friends – try this trivia game. It’ll quiz you on everything worth knowing about world literature. For the most competitive amongst you this app comes with a two player mode as well. When you get it wrong once it offers you detailed answers that include background information and interesting illustrations to make sure you’re not caught red-faced again!

#10 Stanza
Are you sick of being kicked out of the library hours before your deadline? Or someone has taken all the copies out and you can’t get your hands on one for love nor money (and have tried both)? Don’t waste any more time! Your iPhone library has more than 50,000 books available to download for free, and even more for purchase. Download all your coursebooks and don’t break your back carrying them around. Genius! Why didn’t they have this when I was in uni?

#11 Wordbook English Dictionary and Thesaurus
With more than 150,000 entries, a thesaurus, relevant web links and spoken pronunciations, this app could be your most indispensable tool as an English writer.

#12 Ambiance
Have you ever been distracted by too much noise when you write? Not everyone can afford to take a writer’s retreat in a secluded cabin or beach. But put your earphones on and Ambiance can take you there with a host of ambient noises. Listen to the soothing sound of the ocean’s waves while you’re writing in a noisy cafe. Ambiance is perfect for those who want to block out unpleasant noises but do not want to listen to distracting radio or music. Bliss in your pocket!

#13 WordTwiddle
If you need some creative inspiration, try this three-slot customizable word generator. Choosing your own word lists (emotions, mythological characters or objects to name a few), WordTwiddle can help you create unlikely connections that help with all aspects of creative writing including blogging, marketing or storytelling.

#14 iBlueSky

Most people who are serious about mind-mapping won’t mind the price. When you make the most of this app, it can help you organize your thoughts for problem solving, breaking down tasks, risk management, SWOT analysis, brainstorming, project and event planning and of course, screen writing. You can also use it as a study aid for learning complex information which requires diagrams and maps.

#15 Collected Works

Get these classic works on the iPhone: Alice in Wonderland, Anna Karenina, Around the World in 80 Days, Crime and Punishment, Don Quixote Volume I, Don Quixote Volume II, Madame Bovary, Oliver Twist, Scarlet Letter, The Three Musketeers and War and Peace. Now you can read or reference these classics on your iPhone or iPod.


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